and other kites from F-One Bandit 4 Review

I ordered a Bandit 4 size 12m from internet and it has finally arrived!

When I took out the kite from the bag I first thought that I got the wrong kite, it looked so small and felt so light, but when I pumped it up it got bigger, 12 squaremeter to be precise =)

Taking a closer look at the kite I see that the construction is great and the kite is overall very well made. The reinforcements are strong and there are two connectors on the backlines. Inflating the kite goes very light and the one pump system works perfect!

the new inflation system has a stopper ball, so you don’t have to worry about getting your thumb into the inflation hole as quick as possible when you release the pump.

There are no zips over the inflation connectors, just velcro and two struts are removed, so lots of weight are gone. Comparing Bandit 4 with Bandit 3 is like comparing a Ferrari with Fiat.

The wind is light the day when I have the premiere with this kite, only 12 knots, perhaps 14 knots in the gusts. No one is one the beach so I have to self launch by letting the kite drift into the power zone, then I pull the back line and the kite is airborn, peace of cake! So it´s time for the first dive and I´m afraid that I´ll sink to the bottom, my board is quite small on top of the light wind, but to my surprise I’m starting to cruise, faster and faster! The kite has a very good low end and generates a constant pull. The kite has it sweet spot when it´s parked at 11:15, compare that to Bandit 3 which has its optimal position in 11:00. The kite is turning fast and the bar pressure is low. I´m riding with the 55 cm bar, but still better than I expected. You have a very direct feel when you turn and if you´re turning to fast in the transitions the kite even generates some lift.

The wind was picking a little so I was able to jump and it’s now when you really feel the difference between Bandit 3 and Bandit 4. The lift is the same, but the hang time is way better!! Due to the kites responsiveness it´s easy to get the kite out of position when you’re jumping, but the long hang time gives you plenty of time to correct mistakes in the air.

A couple of sessions later. I made up my mind, this 12 meter kite will be my new light wind kite, it simply pulls harder than my 13m Bandit 3, perhaps will even a 11m make the trick!

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