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F.One Bandit 3 – new delta kite 2010

A russian guy called Mikhail Soloveikin has this to say about Bandit 3.

Hello, I want to introduce you a new kite: F.One Bandit!

Appearance of the kite is very similar to the Bandit Dos. The main changes are in the kite settings. LE support is standard for the Delta kites. All 4 lines have equal length, so you can use any bar that you wish.

The new bandit bar has no remarkable changes, but the current bar might be upgraded in the future. The bandit 3 has a one pump system, which lets you inflate the kite quicker. Kite power depends on your speed, the Bandit will require you to ride faster to achieve better performance. I have enjoyed how the kite gives out power in a turn. When the Bandit Dos has started to turn its power came a little bit faster. Bandit 3’s power is more natural, and the kite passes through gusts better. When the power increases it won’t be unexpected to you and it will let you to control the kite better without looking on it. I have also liked the new Bandit’s depower configuration. I has a wider wind range than Bandit Dos. It won’t be a problem to depower the Bandit 3 in overpower conditions, even for a beginner rider.

I especially enjoyed how the kite performs when you are riding unhooked. Finally f-one has succeeded to adjust the kite for unhokked jumps. Pressure on your hands is insignificant and lets you jump on a high speed. After poping there is less pressure on your bar which makes handle pass and landing easier.

Bandit 3 is a good kite for big airs. Bandit’s hang time was significantly improved. Improved kite control will let you focus on your jumps. It’s also much easier to relaunch the new Bandit after it has fallen. It might be more difficult than on a classic bow kite, but it shouldn’t be a problem for riders who have experience with relaunching.

This kite is also good for waveriding. At last waveriding is possible not only hooked but also unhooked. The power of this kite is practically not changing when unhooked. Bandit 3 is a very stable kite if your speed is high enough. This kite is for advanced riders, it will let you jump unhooked on high speed and make handle passes easier than ever before. It perfectly fits aggressive waveriding, hooked or unhooked.