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Bandit 3 Kites

What’s is so damn special with bandit 3 kites or f-one kites in general? If we ignore the fact that the design is totally awesome, then what makes bandit 3 kites better than for example Cabrinha kites, Royal kites, Naish kites, Liquid Force kites or any other kite? Many pros are kiting with bandit kites for some reason… let’s try to find out why.
F-ones bandit 3 kite was released in 2010 and the manufactures has really done some improvements if we compare the kite with the precedessor, Bandit (II) Dos.
Bandit 3 has not only a cooler design, but also a more c-shaped profile, also known as the Delta C-shape. You can call Delta C for a refinement of a hybrid-kite (a kite that combines the best parts from c-kites and SLE-kites). F-one put lots of effort in aerodynamic researches when they invented the patented Delta C-Shape.
Another advantage with the Delta C-shape is the “auto” relaunch function. The wing-shaped arc will make the kite to rest on just one point once the kite is in the water with the leading edge pointing downwards.
auto-relaunch This construction of the arc will force the kite to roll over on one side and th ekite will rush to edge of the wind window once it gets into vertical position.

Another good thing with the new bandit version is the one-pump system which sort of is standard on kites nowadays.

The kite is connected to the bar with 24 meter long lines and the bar is of course improved. The bar delivers a lot more depower than the previous version and when you pull the bar the power comes immediately, but still smooth. The pressure on the bar is slightly above medium.

Above all, significant for the bandit 3 kite is its great stability in the air. Even during rough wind conditions the kite remains rock solid in the air, you can really tell the difference here if you compare the bandit 3 with other kites.

We end this article with a little trailer about Bandit 3 from F-one.

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